Did you know there’s a magazine devoted to cowboys and indians? The premier magazine of the west, Cowboys & Indians, is an American magazine that focuses on Western and Native American lifestyles. It was founded by former high-tech and defense manufacturing entrepreneur, Robert Hartman. Hartman’s family were originally ranchers from Cody, Wyoming. With a family history steeped in Western ranching, Hartman recognized that the modern Western lifestyle did not bridge the past to the present. This inspired the idea of creating a glossy storytelling magazine, and Hartman began formulating the substance of the publication in 1991, in an effort to combine the history and stories of the American West with art, Western antiques, ranching, real estate, fashion, and travel.

We love learning about new publications around the country and the world. So we were so excited to learn that our collection with Sasha Bikoff, The New World, was featured in the February issue of Cowboys & Indians!

The article focuses on Sasha’s bandana patterns and is entitled, “Viva la Bandana!” We loved working on this collection with Sasha. The seven handcrafted designs traverse time from 17th century Dutch cartography through elegant antique laces and the classic American aesthetic. Perhaps the stars of this collection are her bandanas. According to Bikoff, “Tile is a cultural emblem that represents a country’s aesthetic. There are unlimited beautiful tiles that feel Italian, Delft, Portuguese, Spanish. America’s history is younger and the culture has a more relaxed vibe. I’d like to define that through tile.” The result is the iconic American bandana print in two versions: East Coast and West Coast. Grout lines are equally as important to the design as the paisleys are, mimicking a cloth that has permanent creases from being worn and folded hundreds of times. Bikoff and New Ravenna chose a honed background on the Bandanas to give the allure of softened cotton.

The magazine refers to The New World as a “fresh collection” from a “top decorator” that “offers new ways to bring the cowboy classic home,” and we love that!

Sasha Bikoff, designer, with her East and West Coast mosaics she designed with New Ravenna.

To see the full The New World collection full of bandanas, lace, maps, and more, click here.

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