If you’re anything like us, you’re going stir cray during quarantine and the travel bug is affecting you more than ever before. While we may not be able to hop a plane to mystical places right now, we hope our colorful, reimagined patterns from our newest collection will make you feel like you’re walking Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, running your hands across luscious fabrics, feasting your eyes on bold renditions of every color under the sun. We are so pleased to introduce 14 brand new shades of Glazed Basalto™, specific to New Ravenna and New Ravenna only. To the existing ten colors (Aloe, Cornflower, Hydrangea, Iris, Ivy, Lotus, Oleander, Olive, Orchid, and Zinnia), we have added warm, rustic shades; grays; special pops of silver and gold; a true navy; a lustrous iridescent; metals; deep, velvety hues; and more. See them in all their glory here.

Granada Grande, a waterjet mosaic shown in Viola, Iris, Spanish Moss, Silver Sage and Dahlia Glazed Basalto™ by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna.

The Turkish Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, is home to handcrafted jewelry; bold furniture; unique patterns; bright, woven textiles; leather goods; one-of-a-kind pottery; and more. We were inspired by this historical attraction and, with Glazed Basalto™, an organic, vibrant material, we re-imagined some of our favorite patterns!

Glazed Basalto™ can be used inside or outside the home (think pools, fountains, patio areas, and more!) and brings a textured jewel-hued range of color to any space.

The natural geode inclusions in Glazed Basalto™ shine through a hand applied glaze, creating a flash of diamond-like sparkle from within a matte field.

When honed, Glazed Basalto™ develops an organic raw edge while still holding onto its vibrant color.

Of the newest material in our arsenal, New Ravenna creative director, Cean Irminger, says, “Glazed Basalto™ is more than just a pretty face. This material is the most versatile and durable that I’ve ever worked with! It holds onto its gorgeous color no matter what finish you apply to it. It is equally brilliant polished, honed, venetian honed, or and tumbled, and can withstand a huge amount of wear and tear without losing its color and velvet-like vibrancy.”

Stay tuned for our next Glazed Basalto™ blog post: patterns inspired by nature.

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