Pre-Production Clerk

This position is responsible for reviewing the sales orders submitted by the Sales Department. From this information, a production work order will be created. You will determine the amount of marble or glass needed for each project. You will indicate the type of finish for the material, the size the material needs to be cut, and designate the department flow and ETS (estimated time of shipping) dates for each department to complete their material preparation. A department (either Mosaics or Field Tile) will be assigned to assemble each project. A material pull list will be generated and given to the warehouse daily. This position will monitor progress daily, and track and chart “blue flags”, scrap, material returns, and material requisitions. You will report this information to the Director of Production Planning and assist in the resolution of problems, increased efficiency, and on-time deliveries.

• Receive daily sales orders from the Sales Department.
• Create production work orders and determine quantity of material needed for each order.
• Determine marble/glass finish, cut size, flow of material preparation departments (Water Jet,
Honing/Sanding, Gang Saws, Small Saws, Ready- to-Ship).
• Schedule work orders for each department and assign ETS date to each department to ensure the
customer that their on-time delivery date is met.
• Check patterns/designs for measurements, piece size, and piece placement.
• Assign the work order with an ETS date to the Mosaics or Field Tile department.
• Monitor and complete daily tracking and reporting of blue flags, material returns, or scrap and material
• Assist with concept board patterns/designs by printing out patterns, laminating patterns, and assuring
patterns/designs are accurate.
• Prepare trending charts on blue flags, material returns/scrap, and material requisitions.
• Report weekly blue flag issues with Master Scheduler.
• Ability to utilize the available time to organize and complete work within given deadlines.
• Display willingness and ability to work closely with Sales, CAD, Design Center, Operations, and all
departments whether it is working on problem solving, reporting a problem, or reporting successes.
• Enter labor rates (piece rates) into work order and consult with Design Center if labor rate needs to be


  • interpretation of concept or drawings
  • marble cutting via associated equipment
  • time management and documentation
  • use of geometric tools.
  • Ability to create charts in Excel, use Microsoft Word, Outlook and general email.
  • Basic measurement and pattern lay-out

To apply, please send email and resume to Talent and Culture Director, Kristi Shaffer, at