How We’re Navigating COVID-19

This page provides a timeline of the precautions and actions we’ve taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will continue to be updated as we react to the constantly changing landscape.

Monday, May 18
Our factory is fully open and operational. We will begin making and shipping orders and reporting adjusted lead times to clients.

Here’s what our “new normal” looks like at the factory:
– 6ft social distancing floor signs have been applied to all necessary locations and yellow tape is marking off many areas as a reminder
– All staff are required to wear PPE
– All workstations and desks are, at a minimum, 6ft apart
– Hand sanitizer stations have been installed in various locations and are refilled as needed
– Many procedures that were previously paper-based are now electronic
– Our break room is temporarily closed
– All shared utensils and serving ware have been removed, employees are encouraged to bring their own supplies
– Employees are responsible for fully disinfecting their workstations, including tables, equipment, computers, keyboards, etc. prior to leaving for the day
– Staff who are able to telework will continue working from home until at least June 10
– The facility remains closed to non-essential outside visits
– All travel continues to be paused

Friday, May 15
We’re happy to report that we’ll be fully reopening as planned on Monday, May 18. We feel confident in our reopening, as Covid-19 testing has increased in our area and we feel very comfortable and proud of the precautions we’ve taken to keep our employees safe.

Unfortunately, we do have three employees who tested positive for the virus, but we’re happy to report that everyone is safe and recovering.

All employees were paid as normal during the downtime, and we have not laid off or furloughed any staff. We will continue to do everything necessary to protect the health, safety, and livelihood of our employees. Since we responded to the pandemic early with distanced work spaces, increased disinfecting and cleaning, and PPE, it’s unlikely that we will close the factory again, unless, of course, there is a government order.

Our sales, marketing, accounting, design, and all other administrative teams will continue working from home in order to increase the distance between employees at the factory.

Monday, May 4
The Eastern Shore of Virginia is experiencing a peak in positive COVID-19 test results, and this local outbreak has impacted the New Ravenna community. To do our part in stopping this spread and to keep our employees safe, we’ve decided it’s best to temporarily close our factory for two weeks, halting all manufacturing until Monday, May 18. This includes all order production, shipping, and receiving. All employees will continue to be paid during the downtime. This is a precautionary measure in ensuring New Ravenna’s staff is protected and healthy when our manufacturing resumes.

Our sales, marketing, accounting, design, and all other administrative teams will continue working from home. We’re here to help you with quotes, accept your orders, share spec sheets and images, complete color renderings and custom drawings, and inspire you.

Monday, April 20
Small gestures go a long way right now. One way we’re helping our clients stay inspired is by offering free samples through May 22.

Wednesday, April 1
Virginia Governor Northam issued statewide stay at home order through June 1. All staff in accounting, sales, marketing, planning, and design are working from home. Factory remains open, following all CDC requirements and recommendations for cleaning and social distancing. New Ravenna provided PPE (masks and, where appropriate, face shields) to all staff.

Friday, March 20
Reconfigured workstations in our factory to comply with social distancing guidelines. Equipped our staff still working at the factory with PPE. All staff able to telework were encouraged to work from their homes.

Tuesday, March 17
Increased disinfecting and cleaning at our factory and offices. Sanitation stations were placed in all work areas. Canceled presence at Coverings 2020 in New Orleans. The facility is closed to non-essential outside visits. All travel is paused.