We’re back after a busy and eye-opening week at Coverings in Atlanta, Georgia. Coverings is a four-day tile and stone conference with attendees from China, India, Ireland, America, Australia and countries all around the world. You can imagine our excitement when, upon return home, we found that Architectural Digest had named New Ravenna in their round-up of Coverings and their favorite looks there! The best tile looks and hottest trends at the show, according to Hadley Keller of Architectural Digest, include new takes on natural materials, unconventional patterns, three-dimensional tile, tile that mimics fabric, mosaics (hello, New Ravenna!) and more. About New Ravenna, Architectural Digest said, “Of course, we’ll always love a good mosaic. New Ravenna showed a more irregular artisan riff on the technique in its Delft tile, shown. The company also wowed visitors with the hyperrealistic, intricately detailed mosaics on the exterior of its booth.”

Delft, a hand-cut cut jewel glass mosaic, shown in Opal Sea Glass™ with jewel glass Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, and Covelite by New Ravenna.

These small, modular pieces are our take on the delft tiles of the 16th century. Rendered in the classic blue and white tones, each of these 8×8” tiles is created separately. Clients can mix and match themes or objects and mix lower detail tiles with higher detail tiles, if desired. Tiles can be inserted in subway tiles as focal points, and the subject matter in the tiles is, as always with New Ravenna, completely customizable.

See the full article from Architectural Digest here.