Gracie Studios

Charles R. Gracie founded Gracie in 1898 in New York City, and for more than 120 years, the Gracie family has made it their mission to marry the past and present together in a truly unique way. Gracie became the first company to import handpainted wallpapers to the United States, paving the way for these exquisite designs to flourish in America.

Today, Gracie wallpapers remain highly sought after, and grace the walls of some of the most notable homes in the world. From the White House in Washington, to Winfield House in London, to the homes of countless celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz, Gracie wallpapers are exquisite pieces of art with the ability to transport you to another era. The subtle wrinkling of rice paper producing an aged effect, the glazes creating a vintage patina, the use of time honored materials like papier chinois, silk, and tea leaf, all lend themselves to these captivating designs. It’s not an overstatement to say that when you’re in a Gracie room, you are living within a piece of art.

Gracie has always been at the forefront of extraordinary design. And it’s not just the brand’s legacy, but the company’s unique family history that contributes to their distinction in the design world. Today, brother and sister team, Mike and Jennifer Gracie, are now carrying out their great grandfather’s legacy as the fourth generation leaders of the company. “From the age of two, I knew I wanted to be involved,” Jennifer says of her family business.

Of the collaboration with New Ravenna, Jennifer says, “We admired the work of New Ravenna long before we connected about the possibility of a collaboration. I lost count of their many gorgeous designs that I saved on Instagram. To see their mosaic interpretations of our designs is thrilling, and I look forward to including these in my own home. Wallpaper and showers do not generally mix well, so New Ravenna’s mosaic interpretations expand Gracie into the bathroom and kitchen!”