Cean Irminger

Cean Irminger is an artist, designer, Eastern Shore-native, mother of two girls, and a beloved pun aficionado – as you’ll see through the naming of her patterns. She began creating mosaics over 20 years ago. To this day, she is passionate about design trends, new materials, ancient techniques turned modern, and designing unique mosaic patterns, many of which have been featured in magazines and installed in luxury buildings and homes around the world.

Irminger’s personal design aesthetic injects a spirit of fun and innocence into the sophisticated world of mosaics. In 2016, she launched “KIDDO,” her own collection of mosaics in collaboration with New Ravenna. The whimsical, joyous designs in the collection combine elegant patterns with elements of child’s play. Irminger says, “like a mosaic dust-covered Pied Piper, I want to lead the design community to a playful world full of whimsy, bold color, and joyful surprises.”

KIDDO is a three part collection. See designs from KIDDO, KIDDO: Wunderkammer, and KIDDO: Heyday here.