Paul Schatz

Award-winning interior designer, Paul Schatz, draws inspiration from his many travels throughout the Latin countries of Spain, Portugal, and Mexico, and his interest in Moroccan studies of Islamic geometric art. The hand-crafted mosaics in his Miraflores and Legend collections for New Ravenna are complex, infinite patterns. Miraflores, which means “to watch flowers” in Spanish, has a storied legacy of palaces, monasteries and neighborhoods in Spain and South America. Each pattern is a contemporary abstraction of a classic motif.

Sara Baldwin, founder of New Ravenna, worked with Paul for many years, designing custom mosaics for elegant architectural projects. Of Paul, Sara says, “he has a wealth of inspired ideas from his tremendous love and experience with Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial architecture and interiors, and so for him to collaborate with us and create collections was a natural evolution.”

Paul Schatz started his firm, Interior Design Imports, in 1977. He works with both residential and commercial projects throughout the United States and Mexico. He calls both California and Mexico home.

Paul’s newest mosaic designs: