In Venice, it is always rewarding to look up! CATERINA symbolizes the enchanting frescoes that are framed in ornately carved wood. The serene hues evoke La Serenissima, the grey nebbia fog that shrouds Venice in the winter months, the blue mist of the lagoon, and hints of the city’s ubiquitous gold silk.

(Exmore, Virginia) ….. New Ravenna, America’s premier designer and manufacturer of mosaics for residential and commercial installations, is pleased to introduce the San Marco collection, in homage to the Italian lineage of New Ravenna and the enchantment of Venice. Drawing inspiration from the characteristics of the Lagoon city, Jacquelyn Bizzotto designed 10 patterns that capture the artisanal elements synonymous with Venice. The San Marco collection interprets the beauty of Byzantine mosaics, the opulent detailing of gilded accents, the timeless allure of ancient geometric designs, the delicate intricacies of Venetian lace, the classic elegance of marble terrazzo, and the ornamental charm of decorative stucco.

Inspired by her travels to Venice, New Ravenna lead designer, Jacquelyn Bizzotto reflects, “I found the elegant Venetian designs to be so inspiring, as well as the craftsmanship found around every corner. The intricacies and artistry stirred my imagination, and I found myself reflecting on the skilled artisans who meticulously cut and laid each tessera to craft mosaics that have withstood the test of time. San Marco is a devotion to their storied craft. Ancient mosaic designs offer lessons in the power of storytelling through art. These mosaics not only showcase the aesthetic mastery of the artisans but also serve as visual narratives of their culture, history, and values.”

Each pattern in the collection weaves a tale of Venetian splendor, capturing the city’s centuries-old craftsmanship and artistry. The material selections in San Marco embrace the functional luxury of marble, quartzite, limestone, travertine, Glazed Basalto, and Basalto Orvieto, with each tessera carefully honed or polished to create a textured patina. The resplendent shimmer of Venice is reflected in the use of 24k gold glazed Aurum.

Richard Walters, New Ravenna CEO, speaks to the techniques utilized in the San Marcocollection, “Like Venice itself, San Marco let’s us bring the best of traditional mosaic craft with modern techniques. The collection features historic Italian stone colorways with newer materials like Glazed Basalto, which is handmade in Italy. San Marco features classical mosaic techniques like hand nipped stone and modern processes like waterjet cutting. When you see the gorgeous mosaics and pavimenti in Venice and realize they were entirely made by hand, you can’t help but be stunned at the work involved. San Marco continues this exceptional tradition.”

Using hand chopped and tumbled marble tesserae, PIETRO, created in the Roman opus tessellatum style, is the most textured mosaic of the San Marco collection, its hand-hewn surface preserving the cultural memory of centuries. The interplay between the waterjet triangle amongst the checkered border creates geometry and texture.
Inspired by the design created for the Sala Dorata in the Libreria Marciana in 1815, the geometric pattern of diamond shapes in CARLO become an expanse of noble proportions.
Inspired by the ceilings and walls of Venetian palazzi, which are adorned with delicate stucco rosettes, ZILIA offers a similarly graceful, abstracted floral pattern that can be used for floors, too.
LORENZO is a magnified kaleidoscope of lace, the intricate, radial bobbin stitches that were popularized during the 16th century, when the first lace workshop opened on Burano. The “stitch in air” is now grounded in marble.
The gardens of Venice are secreted behind tall, silent walls. They scent the air with the fragrance of wisteria and roses. LUCA celebrates the floral abundance of Venice, where flowers grace Byzantine wellheads.
In Italian, margherita means daisy. The familiar petals can be found immortalized in mosaic on Venetian floors, and now in New Ravenna’s design by the same name. In MARGHERITA, the humble flower is reimagined in marble mosaic.
Considered to be a symbol of harmony in nature, a stellated dodecahedron mosaic was originally created in Venice during 15th century by Paolo Uccello. GIACOMO is an elaborate, contemporary interpretation of this complex geometric shape.
Inspired by the material elements of Venice; ANTONIO is a cream-toned marble mosaic encircled by the deep brown foundation of petrified wood, accented with the ornamental gold that glistens from all corners of the city. The honed Bianco Antico is created to replicate a terrazzo field from stone that was chiseled from the original block of marble.

The mosaics in the San Marco Collection are handcrafted by the artisans at New Ravenna. The stone mosaics can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and outside. New Ravenna mosaics are available at showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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