Jacquelyn Bizzotto

Jacquelyn Bizzotto is our lead designer and the artistic force behind many captivating mosaics. With a passion for painting, graphic design, and a wanderlust spirit, Jacquelyn infuses her creativity into every one of her projects.

As a full-time designer, Jacquelyn’s remarkable talent is evidenced in her original patterns. She curated the essence of Venice into our latest masterpiece, the San Marco collection, showcasing her ability to translate international cultural inspirations into a mesmerizing mosaic narrative that honors artisan traditions.

Among her most beloved designs are the enchanting Orchids and the ethereal, award-winning Moon Jellies, each a testament to her ability to blend her unique artistry with our meticulous craftsmanship.

Behind the scenes, Jacquelyn is the creative vision behind New Ravenna’s custom mosaic murals. Whether she’s drawing, painting, or digitally rendering intricate designs, Jacquelyn’s skill transforms fantasy into reality.

When asked about a favorite designing memory, Jacquelyn doesn’t hesitate: “One of the first drawings I did was a scene of African Painted Dogs that was going to a zoo in the Midwest. I grew up on a farm that bred German Shepherds, so I kept finding myself drawing German Shepherd heads on these wild dogs and having to go back in and correct them.”