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We have received so much positive feedback on our 12 new Delft mosaic designs and are grateful to K&B Business for helping to spread the word by naming them their “Product of the Day.” View the full article here. Inspired by early 17th-century Dutch porcelain, the mosaics are handcrafted using four colors of blue and white glass. The background is Opal Sea Glass, and the distinctive iconography is a combination of three colors of jewel glass: Lapis Lazuli, Iolite and Covelite. Each piece of glass is cut and shaped by hand and arranged to create a mosaic interpretation of the decorative motifs found in traditional Dutch delftware as well as the marine life native to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where our factory is located.

Shown as 8-by-8-in. designs, the square mosaics can be assembled in any combination and sized to suit a vertical area. The initial twelve designs portray birds, flowers, shells, fish, dogs and more. Of course, we can customize the designs to reflect anything the end user desires – family themes, pets, etc. The Delft mosaics can be installed on walls, indoors or out. To find a New Ravenna showroom near you, click here.