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In the September issue, the “Last Look” placement highlights our Gracie collection and shows a beautiful image of Linda’s Garden. Gracie, makers of handpainted wallpaper since 1898, collaborated with us to select five of their designs for interpretation into glass mosaics. The designs were chosen to represent international historic themes, from Roman and Chinese antiquity to the late Japanese Edo period, and French Art Deco. Linda’s Garden (shown below in the “Last Look” feature) was inspired by an ancient frescoed Roman villa Linda Gracie admired on her travels to Italy.

The article is called “A Touch of Glass” and goes on to describe each pattern in the collection that “brings a sense of movement to both art forms.”

“Family matriarch Linda Gracie’s travels through Italy inspired the Romanesque Linda’s Garden (pictured above and shown on our website here). Blythedunes takes its cue from antique Chinese wallpaper. Stylized Japanese streams and plum blossoms appear in Wave and Blossom. Late Parisian designer Armand-Albert Rateau’s trees influenced French Deco, and Waves pays tribute to a seventeenth-century hand-painted Japanese screen as well as the Gracie family’s love of the ocean.”

The Gracie mosaics (and all New Ravenna mosaics) are customizable according to scale, color, and material, and can be found in authorized New Ravenna showrooms around the world.