SNAP (Architectural News and Products) is Architectural Record’s sister publication and contains the latest building product news, trends, and technologies. In the April 2018 issue, found here, SNAP shares some crafty options for Wall Coverings. Along with materials like fabric, vinyl, magnetics, interlocking oak planks and even live plants, SNAP lists New Ravenna’s Living Wall mosaic as one of their favorite wall-to-wall textiles on page 32.

Because today’s designers look for wall coverings that create movement and variation in their projects, more and more companies in the design industry are producing awe-inspiring works of craftsmanship in labor-intensive textures and designs. This, of course, includes handmade artisanal wall mosaics that add texture and sophistication to a room. Enter New Ravenna! The Living Wall mosaic from New Ravenna, part of the Broad Street Collection, is made of eight shades of Serenity glass in matte and glossy finishes. The 1⁄4”-thick glass wall creates shadows and depth perception because the face of the glass is transparent and the color is visible on a separate layer. “Each leaf is individually cut and arranged to create the movement felt when you encounter a wall of verdant green in nature,” says Cean Irminger, creative director of Ravenna. “The craftsmanship and customization just blows the doors wide open on the limits of design.”

Living Wall, a waterjet mosaic shown in shades of green Serenity glass by New Ravenna.

New Ravenna mosaics and products are available exclusively through more than 200 independent showroom partners across North America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Find the closest one to you here.