Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom, from across the pond, has included Delft in their “Stylish Surfaces” feature!

Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom is a monthly magazine featuring simple and stylish kitchen and bathroom ideas to inspire dream projects. Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom showcases the latest interior trends as well as presenting stylish and iconic designs including beautiful homes, tips and style ideas, informative features and real readers kitchen and bathroom projects.

The “Stylish Surfaces” feature from Utopia brings us products from across the board: concrete, wooden flooring and, of course, tile! We are so excited to see our blue and white Delft tiles in September’s issue. Delft is a hand-cut jewel glass mosaic and, in this feature, one of our favorited is the star! The tiny bird perched on its’ branch completely comes to life through tiny, delicate hand-nipped pieces of glass, perfectly placed by the hands of our master mosaicists.

Inspired by early 17th century Dutch porcelain, the mosaics are hand crafted using four different colors of blue and white glass. The background is Opal Sea Glass™, and the distinctive iconography is a combination of three colors of jewel glass: Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, and Covelite.

Creative director, Cean Irminger, says of the Delft collection, “We have reimagined Dutch Delft tiles in a way that pays homage to the original art form while making them fresh and modern. For each piece, we hand selected glass, utilizing the sections of swirled, blended hues to mimic the watercolor-like paintings of original delftware tiles. The randomly-cut, irregular white matte background mimics the crazing of an antique ceramic glaze and pops the decorative features in three shades of blue. Much like the iconic tiles created over 400 years ago, the only limit to subject matter is imagination––we can transform any idea into a decorative Delft figure. Each of our Delft mosaics is created by the hand of a master artisan, and each is completely unique. We often find ourselves explaining the difference between the art forms of tile and mosaic, so it is wonderful to be able to embrace a familiar, historical tile trend and give it a mosaic interpretation.”

Delft, a hand-cut cut jewel glass mosaic, shown in Opal Sea Glass™ with jewel glass Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, and Covelite, is part of the Sea Glass™ Collection by New Ravenna.

See all of our Delft creations here. As always, each pattern can be fully customized with the client’s material preferences to fit the scope of any commercial or residential project.