Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine recently included our “Aspen” hand-cut stone mosaic in polished Calacatta Tia, Saint Laurant, Persian Gold, Sylvia Gold and 24K Gold Glass in May’s “Unique Week” segment of blog posts. This blog post describes how bespoke mosaics remain one of the most enduring ways to reflect one’s own unique perspective on life. At New Ravenna, where every mosaic is hand crafted, customization is a distinctive feature. This allows for clients like Aiken, South Carolina’s Geraldine Eisenberg to bring their vision to life as well as make their home unique. Every single tessera is hand shaped and placed, and creates a work as unique as the craftsman that created it. You can view the full blog post here.

This customized piece includes aspen leaves in 24k gold twine that loop gracefully around aspen limbs and embrace Eisenberg’s bathroom walls, making for a truly enchanted space.

“A room that has been conceptualised and fully realised as one’s unique vision becomes more than simply a living space. It’s rather more like a personal sanctuary that will continue to delight and refresh you visually, and even spiritually. It’s pure enchantment. The emotion and logic of the chosen materials, colors and forms will always be yours, and only yours…which means of course that you are truly at home,”  stated Eisenberg, who, since working on this project with New Ravenna, has become a fierce advocate of the company.

Like Eisenberg, you too can create your very own unique and personal living space. At New Ravenna, mosaics are completely customizable and can be made to order in any color and size and in most materials. Expressing yourself is easy!