Heritage Collection

To celebrate New Ravenna’s 30th year in business, we created Heritage, a mosaic collection that journeys through our three decades of design, innovation, and craftsmanship by reinterpreting some of our most popular patterns and textures alongside exciting new materials. 


The patterns in this decade speak to beginnings, not only of New Ravenna, but the 3rd century mosaics of the Roman African tradition — the floors discovered in the ancient palaces of Tunisia and Rome. At the time, we were working with many traditional simple fields, so for this collection we took on the task of creating a few new takes on simple fields (this is a lot harder than it sounds!)

Hand chopped and tumbled tesserae connect the designs to the ancient heritage of the mosaic patterns, and their waterjet counterparts modernize the overall look of the mosaic and highlight the movement of the selected specimen stones: Oyster, Thunderhead, and Mink.


In the second decade of the business, New Ravenna became industry innovators in the area of textures, creating Tatami, Cosmos, and Venetian honing techniques. We also began incorporating dazzling metallic accents (24k gold glass, brass, and aluminum) into stone and glass mosaics, adding shine and glamour. In this set of mosaics, we’ve revisited and redesigned some of our most adored patterns using classic techniques, textures, and accents.


And finally, a color craze! After twenty years of the safety colors: beige, gray, and white, risk-takers emerged and we rejoiced. Our pigmented jewel glass palette answered the call and we designed whimsical murals and vibrantly colored patterns that brought connection and personality into the home. We experimented with ombre color blends in various shapes, textures, and sizes, added bold pops of color to our stone palette, and made more photorealistic mosaics for home installations than we ever expected.

This section of the collection features new Jewel Glass colors: Galena, Lace Agate, Desert Rose, and Jet.