Material Prep Operator

Material Preparation is a critical part of our entire operation that allows us to create beautiful mosaics to be shipped all over the world. This position will work during the 12:00pm – 8:30pm shift, and will learn operations of gang saws, small saws, and honing operations. You will assist between these three saw departments dependent on the work flow needs; cut material to size specified on the work order; operate all equipment in each department; and follow all safety guidelines and wear the PPE required. You may be asked to assist in the receiving and delivering of the material. You will assist with routine maintenance and daily clean-up. Heavy lifting is required. You will inspect for quality assurance on material cut on saws, honing, and tumblers; monitor inventory of trays, blades, pads, and any supplies or equipment to be ordered; keep your work area in a clean and organized state clear of obstacles and trash, which allows you to move about freely without worry of falling or tripping. If necessary, you will be expected to work overtime in order to meet our customer deadlines and on-time delivery dates. You may be expected to work different shifts in order to meet our demand for production.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Cheryl Celli at [email protected].