Terms & Conditions

Date of most recent update: November 1, 2023


Pricing is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or timelier sources of information. Occasionally there may be pricing information that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, upcharges, shipping charges, lead times, and availability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and to change or update information or cancel orders if any information in the price list is inaccurate at any time without prior notice. Any reliance on pricing is at your own risk. New Ravenna reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

All prices are subject to change without notice. All patterns, images, and text copy are copyright New Ravenna. All enclosed information is proprietary and confidential.


This document represents the official terms and conditions of sale between New Ravenna and the purchaser. It may be amended from time to time without notice and at New Ravenna’s sole discretion.

The laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including its provisions of the uniform commercial code, shall govern, and the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall have jurisdiction over all matters relating to the interpretation of this agreement.

This agreement, including attachments and appendices, constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties.

The purchaser’s relationship with New Ravenna will be that of an independent contractor. The purchaser will not have, and will not represent that it has, any power, right, or authority to bind New Ravenna, or to assume or create any obligation of responsibility, express, implied, or by appearances, on behalf of New Ravenna or in New Ravenna’s name, except as herein expressly provided. Nothing stated in these terms and conditions will be construed of employer/employee, franchiser/franchisee, or principal/age between parties. The purchaser will make no warranty, guarantee, or representation, whether written or oral, on New Ravenna’s behalf.

All sales made by New Ravenna to its dealers and distributors are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. These terms shall apply to sales of all products described in New Ravenna’s current comprehensive product listing (price list).

All pricing, images, and descriptions are the property of New Ravenna. New Ravenna hereby grants the purchaser a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the information for the purchaser’s internal use only.

If New Ravenna provides information updating this document, the purchaser agrees to update such information regularly to ensure its accuracy. The purchaser agrees to hold in confidence and not to directly or indirectly reveal, report, publish, disclose, or transfer to any other person or entity any of the information or utilize the information for any purpose except as permitted herein.

By purchasing product from this price book, purchaser agrees that all know-how, drawings, blueprints, manuals, letters, notes, notebooks, reports, sketches, formulae, memoranda, dealer pricing, sales and technical bulletins, service manuals, customer lists, and all other information, material and specifications furnished by New Ravenna to purchaser pursuant to or in connection with the products and/or New Ravenna’s business shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of New Ravenna.

Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that this confidential information is and will be comprised of valuable trade secrets of, and is proprietary to, New Ravenna, and shall be used only as directed by New Ravenna in writing and then only to the extent necessary to acquaint potential purchasers of products with the use thereof. Purchaser covenants and agrees that it will not at any time during the term hereof or at any time thereafter use such Confidential Information for its own benefit or disclose or allow to be disclosed any such Confidential Information to any third party, including prospective purchasers, except in accordance herewith. The foregoing obligations shall not extend to information that is or becomes public through no fault of purchaser, its agents, owners, officers, directors, or principals.

Notwithstanding the foregoing nondisclosure obligations, pursuant to 18 USC Section 1833(b), purchaser shall not be held criminally or civilly liable under any federal or state trade secret law for the disclosure of a trade secret that is made: (1) in confidence to a federal, state, or local government official, either directly or indirectly, or to an attorney, and solely for the purpose of reporting or investigating a suspected violation of law; or (2) in a complaint or other document filed in a lawsuit or other proceeding, if such filing is made under seal.

The dealer application approved by New Ravenna applies only to the showroom at the physical address listed on the application. Dealers must request New Ravenna’s explicit approval before displaying and selling New Ravenna products at any other location. New Ravenna has the right to deny a dealer application for any reason.

Dealer agrees that price lists, and pricing will not be distributed to anyone other than a direct employee of the Dealer’s physical location. New Ravenna’s concept boards, literature, and other marketing materials will only be displayed in showroom locations in good dealer standing.

New Ravenna has the right to implement a minimum annual order quantity at any time. Any dealer not meeting the minimum may have their authorization to sell New Ravenna terminated. Upon termination of this authorization, the Dealer is responsible for the disposal or return all marketing materials from the Company which includes, but is not limited to, concept boards, all price lists, catalogs, product specification sheets, and samples. New Ravenna is not responsible for the costs of any showroom installations.

New Ravenna reserves the right to set guidelines regarding expectations and standards of how New Ravenna’s products are displayed. Showrooms not meeting these standards may have their right to sell New Ravenna products terminated. Upon request, New Ravenna can provide examples of showroom displays that meet New Ravenna brand standards. The Company can also advise about how best to display its products.

New Ravenna has the right to restrict the products a showroom can display for sale.

Dealer agrees to never promote New Ravenna as “discount,” “bargain,” “outlet,” “sale,” “markdown,” or as any associated term or in any discount setting.

Possession of a New Ravenna price book is not an offer to sell product. All orders are subject to acceptance by New Ravenna. Prices shown in the current price book supersede all previous price lists and are subject to change without notice. Material will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time of the sale. Prices confirmed by a New Ravenna account representative at the time of the sale (absent manifest error) will be the purchase price for all material. Prices for back-ordered products are not guaranteed. Prices as listed are before applicable sales tax.

New Ravenna actively and aggressively protects its property rights. New Ravenna prohibits its dealers and distributors from selling products that infringe upon New Ravenna’s intellectual property rights. By purchasing product from this price book, purchaser recognizes and agrees that all intellectual property rights relating to the products, New Ravenna, and/or to this price book, including but not limited to all trademarks, service marks, copyrights, patents, trade names, trade secrets, logotypes, advertising and other commercial symbols, and associated goodwill (collectively, “Intellectual Property”), whether registered or not, are and shall remain the sole property of New Ravenna. Nothing in this price book or in any purchase order shall be deemed to confer upon or transfer to purchaser any right, title, interest, or license, whether express or implied, in or to any of New Ravenna’s Intellectual Property.

New Ravenna reserves the right to terminate its relationship with dealers that sell products violating New Ravenna’s intellectual property. Any party infringing or abetting the infringement of New Ravenna’s intellectual property may be subject to legal action.

The purchaser further agrees to immediately report to New Ravenna any illegal use or infringement of Intellectual Property, including but not limited to imitation of the products of New Ravenna. Purchaser shall not contact New Ravenna’s suppliers, or any other person, for the purpose of manufacturing New Ravenna designs or products that infringe upon New Ravenna’s Intellectual Property.

By purchasing product from this price book, purchaser covenants and agrees not to remove, alter, deface, conceal, or add to any trademark, copyright, trade name, service mark, label, marking, logo, decal, type, or serial number that may be affixed to or marked on the products, and purchaser shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that any trademark, copyright, trade name, service mark, label, marking, logo, decal, type, or serial number affixed to or marked on the Products is not removed, altered, or defaced by others.

Line drawings provided by New Ravenna are not to be reproduced or redistributed.

Purchaser will not use the corporate name of New Ravenna or any trademark, service mark, trade name or other Intellectual Property of New Ravenna, in or on any of its telephone directory listings, letterheads, business cards, or other office or business supplies in a manner or form without the prior written approval of New Ravenna. Purchaser also agrees not to print, copy, provide or otherwise make available, in whole or in part, any portion of an original or modified product documentation package, installation instructions or related materials except to its direct customers purchasing New Ravenna products.

Samples are provided to promote business for New Ravenna. The design incorporated in the sample remains the property of and is copyrighted by New Ravenna. With the acceptance of the sample, the recipient agrees not to distribute a sample, or any part or version of it, to an organization for the purpose of reproducing it or producing an interpretation of it. Failure to comply may result in legal action to protect the proprietary status of the designs and products in question.

Installed product is considered approved and accepted “as is.” New Ravenna has no control over and is not responsible for the material used to install the product, the installation method, backing used, installer skill, type of maintenance, or amount of traffic on site after installation. New Ravenna does not guarantee its product against chipping, cracking, etching, discoloration, wearing, or scratching. Installation or use of any kind constitutes material acceptance. No refunds or credits will be given after installation or with respect to product shipping or delivery dates and times.

The warranties described herein apply to the original purchaser, are subject to the limitations, exclusions and disclaimers set forth herein, and apply only to products listed herein. These limited warranties are not transferable or assignable.

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth herein, New Ravenna warrants to purchaser that the Mosaics covered under this warranty will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from the shipment date. New Ravenna warrants only those manufacturer’s defects identified through normal use. This warranty does not apply to defects that result from: (i) damage arising from natural disasters, accidents, abuse, abnormal wear, damage in transit, damage during installation, improper maintenance or modification; (ii) operation outside the product’s specifications; (iii) unauthorized.

modification or misuse; (iv) submersion in water or other liquids; (v) storage beyond 30 days, (vi) exposure to extreme heat/flame (vii) improper installation, (viii) heating or lighting units beneath the product’s surface (ix) HVAC units, (x) plumbing systems. All orders must be inspected upon receipt. New Ravenna will not honor any claim after the warranty period or post installation.

New Ravenna shall repair or replace the affected product at its option if, during the warranty period, it receives notice of a defect in any product which is covered by the warranty.





The parties agree that neither party shall at any time make, publish, or communicate to any person or entity any defamatory, false, or disparaging remarks, comments, or statements concerning the other party, or any of its products, employees, officers, or directors, now or in the future.

Subject always to the foregoing sentence, the total liability of New Ravenna for any other kind of damages arising from any cause of action or claim whatsoever, whether: (a) in contract; (b) in tort (including negligence, whether sole, joint, contributory, concurrent, or otherwise, but not including intentional, reckless, or wanton tort); (c) under strict liability; (d) arising out of any representation or instruction, or under any warranty; or (e) otherwise arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the design, manufacture, sale, resale, delivery, repair, replacement, use or misuse of any products or the furnishing of any service shall in no event exceed the price allocable to and paid to New Ravenna for the individual unit of products or service or part thereof which gives rise to the cause of action or claim. New Ravenna and purchaser acknowledge and agree that the exclusions of remedies and limitations of liability and damages herein reflect a bargained-for allocation and limitation of risk, liability, and damages.

By purchasing product from this price book, purchaser agrees to hold New Ravenna free and harmless from any and all claims, damages, and expenses of every kind or nature whatsoever (a) arising from acts of the purchaser or (b) arising from acts of third parties in relation to products sold to the purchaser under this price book.


Full payment is required before production begins. All new showrooms are classified as prepaid accounts automatically until a positive credit history is established with New Ravenna unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

All orders will require a 50% deposit at the time an order is placed. The remainder must be paid prior to shipment.

Upon review of credit rating and account history, terms may be extended to net-30 days, commencing on the date of the invoice. Invoices will be mailed as soon as the invoice has been created. Accounts with balances over 30 days or those which have exceeded their credit line will be placed on “hold/no ship” status automatically. All decisions with respect to the extension, continuation, or reinstatement of credit shall be at New Ravenna’s sole discretion. For all orders of $5,000 or greater, a 50% deposit is required prior to the commencement of production with the remaining balance due net 30.

Interest is calculated by multiplying the total outstanding invoice balance exceeding 30 days, including any unpaid interest charges, aging by 2% each month, 24% APR, or partial month unpaid. Customers further agree to pay all collection and legal costs incurred by New Ravenna to collect debts owed.


Placing an order based solely on displayed concept boards or catalogue or website images is discouraged. Samples are intended to reflect the pattern and color placement as requested and chosen by the client, not the range of the material in the final product. They are meant to be a representation of the pattern and material chosen for each individual project. Exactness in color, range, and veining is not guaranteed to match a sample, concept board, or marketing image. New Ravenna cannot guarantee a match due to the wide variation in our materials.  Should a specific match be required, we offer handpicking at an upcharge as discussed below.

Samples are valid for 30 days; if your project has not been confirmed in this time range, please re-sample to view the most recent lot of materials.

Additional charges vary and will be applied to samples using premium materials. Please consult a New Ravenna Dealer Support representative for current market pricing.

Waterjet samples are available for the cost of one full template at its listed price. In lieu of a physical waterjet sample, computer-aided color renderings may be ordered alongside physical samples of current range materials at no cost.


Quotes are valid for 30 days after the date of the original quote. A new quote must be provided after this period has been exceeded.

All orders must clearly specify the following information:

  1. Product description unit quantity, dimensions/CAD and designer center drawings (if available)
  2. New Ravenna item number with current unit price
  3. Colorway and finish
  4. Complete and correct shipping address
  5. Shipping carrier instructions

 For orders with multiple products categories, we will ship completed components as they are completed unless expressly asked. For example, if we receive an order with a custom mosaic and ready-to-ship pattern, we will ship the ready-to-ship pattern immediately if available unless specifically requested to ship all items at the same time.  Storage would not apply until all components of the order are completed and per our storage policy detailed below.

ETS dates are estimates only and are subject to change: specific deadlines cannot be guaranteed. Please refrain from booking an installer until after receipt of all the tiles and setting materials have been delivered to the project site/warehouse and reviewed completely. Actions taken based on estimated lead times are not New Ravenna’s responsibility.

Lead time is assigned as an estimated date after receipt of:

  1. final signed confirmation to New Ravenna,
  2. deposit, and
  3. any collateral material (e.g., templates, customer owned material (COM), drawings, measurements)

Order production will not begin until the above assets are delivered to New Ravenna. Production times vary and are not guaranteed. Every effort is made to adhere to posted lead times. Please be advised that the provided date is an estimate, does not include shipping time, and is not an ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Purchaser must place a written order via email, mail, or fax (757-442-3580). No other ordering methods are accepted.

If hand selection of material is requested, a charge of at least 50% will apply to the order.

If requested, New Ravenna will hold raw material for customers for up to 5 business days subject to the following conditions:

  1. New Ravenna must have received a purchase order requiring the material.
  2. The order must be for at least 200 square feet.
  3. Material will be released if New Ravenna does not have a confirmed purchase order by the end of the timeline.

Changes requested to a product after manufacturing has started will incur at least a 25% charge (of the product’s price). Clients must sign a change order identifying the requirement for the rework and acknowledging the upcharge. The order will then be resubmitted to production and will most likely be assigned a new estimated ship date.

When the production schedule allows, rush orders may be accepted. Upcharges will vary based on the decrease in scheduled lead time requested. Please check with your Dealer Support representative to see if the rush can be accommodated.

To reduce the risk of installation problems or delays, please add surplus materials to the order as follows:

+ 15% surplus on most products;

+ 30%+ for diagonal installations or patterns with large repeats.

To help estimate overage, please call a Dealer Support representative for a quote or to request a CAD estimation..

Adding to a previous order requires an original material sample. Every effort will be made to complement the range of the original material but cannot guarantee exact range match. Because of the natural color, markings and range of stone, it may be difficult or impossible to procure the color or markings found in the original job. Standard lead times and minimum order rules apply for add-on projects. Rushes are not guaranteed for add-on orders. All add-on orders (excluding products from the Studio Line) will incur a $500 set-up fee.

Occasionally, some projects must be stored due to varying timelines and delivery coordination. For that reason, bill and hold agreements are available upon request. Completed orders will be stored in New Ravenna’s facilities for ten (10) days with no charge. After ten days, New Ravenna will charge the customer 5% of the order value per month.

Orders may only be canceled by either party for any reason, at any time, prior to customer’s return of signed New Ravenna order confirmation. Once order confirmation is signed and received at New Ravenna, no order may be cancelled by either party unless customer is deemed by New Ravenna to be unreasonable in their expectation of New Ravenna’s responsibility for finished product.

New Ravenna will not tolerate abuse or harassment of its employees and, in such circumstances, reserves the right to refuse service or halt the production of related orders.

New Ravenna dealers are responsible for both inspection and acceptance of all materials prior to installation. Material must be inspected immediately upon receipt. Most New Ravenna mosaics are face-taped and should not be stored for more than 30 days. All material must be kept in a climate-controlled, dry area prior to installation. New Ravenna will not honor any claim made after 30 days of receipt or post-installation.

The tile installer must follow the installation guide included in each shipment. To achieve best results, it is strongly recommended that all materials are dry laid prior to installation.

A New Ravenna installation guide is included with every order. If the guide is missing from the order, guidelines can be retrieved on NewRavenna.com and through any New Ravenna representative.

Installation or use of any kind constitutes material acceptance. No refunds or credits will be given after installation.

Variation in the height of adjoining tiles is called lippage. This is defined in the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard A108.02, Section 4.3.7: “Lippage refers to differences in elevation between edges of adjacent tile modules.” Variations in the plane of the substrate may affect lippage. In many cases, when tile is installed by the thinset method over an uneven substrate, the installed surface will not meet lippage standards. Lippage, in many New Ravenna mosaics, is natural, to be expected, and must be resolved at installation, per guidelines.

Because of the custom nature of New Ravenna products, all sales are final. Material may be returned only with approval and signed RMA paperwork, and all returns must be for fifty (50) square feet or more. Material shipped back to New Ravenna without RMA will be returned to the sender. When a project is resized or reworked for reasons other than workmanship (in New Ravenna’s sole discretion) or material defect, shipping will be charged at the customer’s expense.

Please contact [email protected] to begin the RMA process.

Returned material is subject to a 25% restocking fee. New Ravenna will waive the restocking fee if the client orders more material (at the same total price) from New Ravenna at the same time.

Product prices do not include any taxes. The purchaser is responsible for any locality taxes. Showrooms located in, or shipping into Virginia must provide resale exemption certificates to avoid being charged sales tax on resell orders (orders to consumers). Orders placed by showrooms located in Virginia, or for installations and any marketing material or sales tools (concept boards, chip charts, and any items not intended for resale) will be charged applicable sales taxes on their orders.

Occasionally, materials may be sold as “overstock” due to an issue in material range or a discontinuation. These orders are sold “as is” and are not supported under New Ravenna’s warranty.


A New Ravenna Dealer Support representative will guide each client through a hands-on design experience. S/he will furnish a quote for the project, advise about details such as material variations, lead times, shipping and handling costs, and provide installation tips to ensure each customer has a thorough understanding of the project requirements and is eventually thrilled with the finished materials.

To help visualize the unlimited possibilities of custom mosaics, the artistry and design team at New Ravenna creates hand-drawn sketches on artist vellum paper, a digital representation of the image, computer-aided design and digital renderings of the space. Once drawings and physical samples are approved, the creation phase begins.

New Ravenna’s mosaic patterns are priced using a predetermined amount of material combinations. The cost per square foot may increase as the number of materials involved increases or decreases.

The ancient craft of mosaic-making allows almost any creative vision to be transformed into mosaic art. Collect all inspiration (drawings, CAD renderings, photographs, fabric samples, magazine clippings, etc.), and send to your Dealer Support representative. Our art and design teams will create a one-of-a-kind drawing based on the inspiration, wishes, and requirements collected. Once all details (color, sizing, character, etc.) have been approved, the artwork will be scaled to your project’s size and our master mosaicists will create the mosaic on top of the artwork.

New Ravenna is happy to provide custom drawings or CADs as part of its service to dealers. We will provide up to three iterations per request.  Each iteration afterwards will incur a fee of $500.

The custom mosaic process allows the option to modify the scale of a pattern to fit a smaller or larger space or architectural plan. Many patterns can be adjusted to incorporate a variety of mosaic styles, such as integrating traditional mosaic into a waterjet pattern or waterjet elements into a traditional mosaic design. An account representative will assist the customization process with samples and drawings.

A set-up fee of $250 is applied to all custom waterjet projects and existing designs that are resized or redesigned.

Customer owned material may be incorporated into New Ravenna mosaic projects if the following approval criteria are met:

  1. Before confirming the order, the desired material must first be tested under New Ravenna’s standard production processes. To perform adequate testing, the customer must send a sample of five (5) pieces of 12in x 12in x 10mm material to New Ravenna.  No other sizes or formats will be accepted.
  2. If the material is deemed suitable for manufacturing:
    1. New Ravenna will report the estimated quantity required to the customer.
    2. The customer will purchase the material in the required quantities at a size of 12in x 12in with 10mm thickness.
    3. The customer will ensure that the materials are shipped to New Ravenna. Once materials have shipped, the customer will provide, in writing, the:
      1. quantity shipped to New Ravenna
      2. related purchase order number
      3. shipping carrier
      4. tracking number

Additionally, the customer agrees that:

  1. New Ravenna will not accept material in any other format than what has been approved for production. Any unapproved materials that are shipped to New Ravenna will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.
  2. The quantity required by New Ravenna is an estimate. Any additional material required to complete the project will be purchased by the customer. Additional material will be accepted following the guidelines listed above.
  3. If requested, unused material can be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.
  4. The use of customer owned material invalidates New Ravenna’s warranty.

New Ravenna can source almost any specialty material outside of our listed material pallet. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match of a client’s specified color or range. The cost of this material will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and we must receive a deposit paid in full before ordering the material.

This add-on service allows any project to be pre-cut and assembled to fit the exact project dimensions. This serves as insurance that the finished product is elegantly placed with consideration for both the material and pattern repeat. Additionally, a made to measure project requires less for the installer to cut and alter on site, leaving less clean-up and no waste.

Made to measure services incur an additional 25% charge per project.

The following finishes can be applied to most stones:

  • Polished: a polished finish has a glossy surface that reflects light and emphasizes the color and veins of the stone. When a stone is polished, the details, colors, hues, and vein structure show more prominently, emphasizing the stone’s natural characteristics. A high polish finish will bring the stone’s natural color to its fullest because it will ultimately reflect the light and appear more saturated.

Add $5.00 per square foot to polish a stone that is stocked with a honed finish.

  • Honed: a honed finish is a satin, smooth surface with relatively little reflection of light. A honed finish is flat and will usually appear lighter in color than it would in a polished state. When a polished stone is honed, the depth, hues, and veins that were once very prevalent may be reduced. The degree of honing depends on the stone, but may vary from light to heavy. Stones stocked with honed finish are marked with (H) on the stone group chart. Stones without (H) are stocked as polished.
    Add $5.00 per square foot to hone a stone that is stocked with a polished finish.
  • Venetian Honed: a finishing method that features softly rounded edges, thus giving each piece of stone a pillowed look. Stones with this finish will have a similar color, hue, and vein profile to honed stones.

Add $16.00 per square foot for Venetian Honing.

  • Venetian Polish: similar to our Venetian Honed finish, this method features softly rounded edges, but the stone has a polished, reflective surface. Stones with this finish will have a similar color, hue, and vein profile to polished stones.

Add $10.00 per square foot for Venetian Polish.

  • Hand-Chopped: mosaics made of tesserae which have been hand-chopped into irregular sizes.

Add $3.00 per square foot for hand-chopping.

  • Tumbled: tumbling a stone removes the polish from all surfaces and smooths all edges. Any stone under 3” can be tumbled.

Add $3.00 per square foot for tumbling.


  • Sea Glass™: Jewel glass inherently has a polished, glossy surface. However, any glass tesserae up to 3” x 3” can be tumbled to achieve the familiar velvet touch reminiscent of aged beach glass.

Add $5.00 per square foot for Sea Glass™ finish.


Ready to ship products are sold from warehoused inventory. Product samples of all materials in this line are provided as a representation of an average range of the material, however, lot samples of this product line cannot be provided as there is no guarantee that lot samples will match the materials used in any other orders, sample cards, images, installations, or concept boards. All Ready to Ship products can be made to order except pencil rounds. If color-matching is essential to the project, please request the order to be custom made. Price and lead time variations will occur between Ready to Ship products and their custom versions.

New Ravenna cannot accept responsibility for replacing stone or glass based on color variation as consistent “lots” are not maintained over extended periods of time. Please check with a Dealer Support representative for current stock quantity. Every effort is made to keep an appropriate stock of products in this category, but items may stock out periodically. Additionally, product offerings may be discontinued without advanced warning.

Because Ready to Ship products are made for inventory, “add-ons” are not offered. Please consult with one of our Dealer Support representatives to order the appropriate quantities. Should extra material be required after the order has been closed, a new order will be placed and filled from inventory. There is no guarantee that the material will match the original lot.

Ready to Ship products are shipped once filled unless New Ravenna Mosaics is expressly requested to consolidate with another component of the same sales order.

Ready to Ship products are sold by the box.


All shipments by commercial carrier shall be boxed, crated, or palletized by New Ravenna under approved methods. All pricing for any product is FOB New Ravenna factory and excludes shipping and handling changes. Title shall pass upon delivery to the carrier at the point of shipment unless otherwise expressly provided.

Quotes may be specially negotiated to secure lower shipping rates from New Ravenna’s selected carriers for both freight and ground shipments. Based on the required information provided, an account representative may quote both shipping and handling at the time of initial project quote. However, actual shipping and handling charges may vary after project completion and all discrepancies will be billed based on completed information.

Same-day shipping is not available.

New Ravenna is not responsible for delays incurred after leaving the origin facility.

When freight delivery is required or requested, a delivery location and contact phone number must be submitted prior to shipping. Upon publication date of this -information, FedEx is New Ravenna’s preferred freight carrier.

Crates requiring a size larger than standard pallet size (48” x 42”) will incur a $300/crate charge. Orders will be crated as appropriate unless specified “no crate.” Some job sites cannot handle crates due to lack of unloading or moving equipment or space concerns. Please confirm this information with any external clients and pay special attention to doorway measurements before placing a purchase order. If requested, multiple small cartons will be secured on pallets and shrink wrapped.

FedEx is New Ravenna’s preferred freight carrier. The following third-party carriers will pick up from New Ravenna if the pickup has been scheduled and confirmed in advance: YRC, UPS, Southeastern, R&L, Pitt Ohio. If a customer requires a third-party carrier, New Ravenna must approve the carrier in advance. Additionally, New Ravenna must be notified immediately once a pickup has been scheduled or rescheduled. New Ravenna is not responsible for any delays caused by the third party’s failure to appear on the scheduled day/time. Pickup hours for third party freight carriers are: 8:30am – 4:00pm.

*Customers using a third-party carrier will be charged a $150/order handling fee.

For third party billing, the purchaser’s account number must be provided on the original purchase order. For orders shipped collect on the purchaser’s account, arrangements must be made by the purchaser.

If the exterior of a shipment is damaged in transit, before inspecting the interior contents, the customer should report the damage to the driver upon delivery. Additionally, the customer should contact both the carrier and New Ravenna as soon as possible in order to file a claim with the carrier and should include photographs of the damaged package. New Ravenna will not replace material at no cost due to a shipping damage claim. All claims must be made in writing to the carrier within five days of receipt. Failure to give such notice within the time specified herein shall be deemed a waiver of the purchaser’s rights to claim such discrepancy. Resolving damages or issues caused by a third-party carrier is the customer’s responsibility.

The best and easiest way to handle a damage claim is to reject the shipment at the point of delivery. If the shipment has already been accepted, document the damage with as many photos as possible. Next, contact [email protected] with thorough details of the damage, including photos and all relevant documentation.

  1. New Ravenna Freight Account
    1. New Ravenna will file a claim with the carrier. Reimbursement for the claim will be to New Ravenna.
    1. New Ravenna will provide instructions on rework, return replacement, and instructions on disposition of the shipment.
  2. Client Freight Account
    1. The client should file a claim with the carrier. Reimbursement for the claim is the responsibility of the client.
    1. If rework, return, or replacement of the material is required, submit a new Purchase Order for the material.

Because of the custom nature of New Ravenna products, all sales are final.

Material can only be returned with approval and signed RMA paperwork. Material shipped back to New Ravenna without RMA will be returned to sender. When a project is resized or reworked for reasons other than workmanship (at New Ravenna’s sole discretion) or material defect, shipping will be charged at the customer’s expense.

Should you need to return materials to New Ravenna for any reason, please follow the guidelines in this section.

Please do not dispose of any crates, pallets, or packaging materials until the product has been fully inspected. All original materials can and should be repurposed for repackaging. If the original product was shipped in foam, the foam will always be in multiple sections which can be saved and reused for a return shipment. If using a new box, the foam can easily be cut and/or broken down into smaller sections. This is the best way to repackage our materials.

In case you need to use materials not included in your original shipment, please do not use loose packing peanuts. Bubble wrap is an appropriate packaging material for shipments weighing less than 50lbs.

When returning materials that were packaged on cards, please restack the product in a similar fashion to which it was shipped to you, i.e., foam, cardboard, product, cardboard, product, and so on. If possible, please secure the cards together to ensure the product remains secure in shipping.

If your return shipment requires palletizing, please ensure all materials are in boxes stacked neatly, as close to the center of the pallet as possible, with a material like scrap cardboard filling any empty space. If several small boxes are being used, please consolidate them into one large box if possible. Boxes on the edge of the pallet risk damage when being loaded and unloaded. At a minimum, palletized products need to be wrapped thoroughly with thick plastic wrap. For maximum security, the boxes should be secured into the pallet with straps or ties.

If you are not 100% confident with your repackaged shipment, please consult your Dealer Support representative who will be happy to provide advice on how to pack the shipment properly.