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In the Spring 2022 edition of Inspire Design, Dottie, Balloonacy, Phase to Phase, and Crewel World from the Kiddo: Heyday collection are featured on page 18 in the Creative Minds section.

In the Inspire Design Creative Minds section, New Ravenna’s Cean Irminger

infuses her design with memories and optimism.

Heyday™ by Cean Irminger, is the third edition of her KIDDO collection. The 11 designs are handcrafted in Virginia of stone and Glazed Basalto™. The materials in the collection have been honed, polished, and tumbled to create varying textures. Several designs are accented with metallics, including brass and “Aurum,” which is Basalto Orvieto with a hand-glazed 24k gold overlay. Heyday is a reconnection to the innocence of childhood in joyous color and classic black and white.

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