Jocelyn, a waterjet mosaic shown in polished and honed Nero Marquina by New Ravenna.

New Ravenna, America’s premier designer and manufacturer of mosaics for residential and commercial installations, has interpreted the decadent, gothic style of the Addams Family, in anticipation of Wednesday, the new Tim Burton series.  Burton revels in dark, macabre, gothic atmospheres and his dramatic homage to the beloved Addams Family aesthetic will inspire a contagious trend towards glamorous gothic design, dubbed “Addamscore.” 

At New Ravenna, handcrafted black mosaics are never just black. Nero Marquina and Orpheus Black are polished, tumbled, and honed, each finish providing a different surface, absorbing or reflecting light. Glazed Basalto™ in Dahlia has the added texture of natural geodes, where glaze has pooled to create shiny organic doubloons in Essex. The Venetian honing of Orpheus Black in Coliseum gives the stone an elegant 3-dimensional quality. Byron has brushed brass thorns, Morticia’s ideal floral silhouette. Èze reveals the sinewy lines of a vulture’s talon in aluminum. In recognition of the Addams Family’s preference for the night sky, Phase to Phase is a spooky, moonlit mosaic.

Cean Irminger, New Ravenna’s creative director, says of Addamscore, “I have been an Addams Family devotee since childhood, my family had a compilation book of all of the original Charles Addams single panel strips and I would endlessly dive into that happily odd and charmingly macabre world. I think the allure to the aesthetic is to be in control of the darkness, to surround yourself and make beautiful that which others might find bizarre or terrifying. Dark rich hues, glimmers of gold and silver, dark florals, textural black on black, these are the tools we use to catch the sumptuous, inviting mystique of Gothic romantic design. The trick is to keep that slightly sinister atmosphere without falling into kitsch. Think Gorey, not gory.”

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