Corsini, a waterjet mosaic shown in honed Calacatta Tia, Cavern, Lagos Gold, and Allure.
Boundary, a stone waterjet mosaic, show in polished Calacatta Gold and 24K gold, is part of the Miraflores Collection by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna.

We are so excited to finally debut some Paul Schatz patterns that we’ve been sitting on for a while! Why have we been keeping them all to ourselves? Well, it takes a while to roll our new designs. We wanted to launch these 20 newbies as part of a full collection, so we have been hard at work on a storyline, installation photos, multiple colorways of multiple patterns, experiments with different materials, etc. What came of this was one beautiful and refreshed collection all under one well-designed roof.

Valencia, a waterjet mosaic, shown in honed Verde Luna and Whitewood.
Dhurrie, a hand-cut stone mosaic, shown in tumbled Travertine Noce and Cavern.

The best part of refreshing the Miraflores collection? Getting to work closely with Paul again! Paul has been a close friend of New Ravenna for years. Our creative director, Cean Irminger, was first introduced to Paul in 2008 when he teamed up with New Ravenna on a custom Chinoiserie style panel for a client’s bathroom and, well, the rest was history! Per Cean, “Paul came all the way out to our factory in Exmore, Virginia from the west coast to go over the making of the Chinoiserie panel.

His attention to detail and flawless design instinct led to a beautiful Chinoiserie mosaic that was installed in Rancho Santa Fe, California and went on to win the prestigious San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles bath of the year award. He was so knowledgeable, so easy to work with, and such a sweetheart that we asked him to design his own line and Miraflores was born!”

Concentrico, a waterjet and hand-cut mosaic, shown in honed and tumbled Cavern.
Juliana, a stone waterjet and hand-cut mosaic shown in honed and tumbled Heavenly Cream and tumbled Thassos.
Centos, a stone waterjet mosaic, showed in honed Calacatta Gold.
Coronel, a waterjet mosaic shown in Ironwood.

It’s so eye opening and rewarding to work with a designer like Paul Schatz first hand. The design team at New Ravenna has a lot of experience on the manufacturing side of design, but Paul provides such a faceted sense of understanding interior design and seeing mosaics as part of an entire room. He Paul is a genius when it comes up with brand new ways to use mosaics in a space. In fact, it was Paul’s idea to use borders as base moldings.

Sienna 9 5/8″, a hand-cut and waterjet mosaic border shown in honed Carrara and Thassos, is part of the Miraflores Collection by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna.

Paul has a true gift when it comes to colors. Some of his ideas for colorways have sounded so counterintuitive and well, a little ‘out there, on paper. But…as soon as that prototype comes out, it’s magnificent! The handmade mosaics in Miraflores are presented in a variety of colorways using natural stone, glass, and metal, with highlights of 24k gold glass, glazed Basalto, ceramic, and Serenity glass. The materials have been pillowed, tumbled, hand chopped, and cut by hand or waterjet. In this expansion of his original Miraflores collection, Schatz has incorporated his study of classical architecture, extensive travels, and fascination with textiles inspired by indelible childhood memories. We have always had an amazing synergy with Paul and it brings out the best in all of our designing.


  • Laurence G. (Larry) Rinehart says:

    So beautiful!

  • Maxwell Wuthrich - B+W Architects says:

    Is it any surprise?
    Paul’s reputation and attention to detail precede him.
    As mentioned he is not only a joy to work with but a wonderful human being as well. Paul’s keen eye and impeccable taste have made our projects look their best!
    Chalk up another winner for Paul & his Design Team.
    I can’t wait to see what’s next from “the master”……

  • Reed Johnson says:

    Love these classy and intricate designs. Truly deserving of the award! Lucky for you to work with someone like Paul.

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