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New Ravenna is honored to be included in another publishing written by J. Michael Welton, who focused on The La Panthère collection. La Panthère was inspired by Erté, the 20th century artist and designer known for his glamorous art deco stage sets, jewelry, costumes, sculpture, and graphic design.

The two custom handcrafted panels are three-feet-by-six-feet panels of jewel glass, each depicting women, panthers and trees in a neutral palette. They’re positive and negative tones, all laid in 24 carat glass. In art deco iconography, the panther is symbolic of independent female spirit, grace and beauty. “We are primarily a female work force— that’s personally where our roots come from,” says Cean Irminger, New Ravenna’s art director. “It’s an underground symbolism for us — the feminine spirit of the company, making the panthers even more significant.”

Les Panthères demonstrate to the industry that mosaics can be as illustrative as Erté’s paint or pencil. “Mosaics are a storytelling medium – if you want to tell a story, we can tell it,” she says. “We’re updating what Erté was doing but in our own style.”