A visit to a McKinnon and Harris showroom will reveal our co-founder and CEO, Will Massie’s, affinity for antiquities, both as objects of beauty and sources of design inspiration. The showrooms themselves are loosely inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, and the use of materials and collection of artifacts stem from Will’s belief that patina and age enhance the beauty of objects.

McKinnon & Harris New York Showroom

Mosaics stretch across the surfaces of the ancient Greek and Roman world—and since they can rarely be collected, it’s truly sublime when they find a place in contemporary interiors. Enamored with mosaics as a fine art and admiring how New Ravenna created a thriving enterprise in a rural area along Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Will loved the idea of a collaboration between the two brands. When the partnership began, the concept of bespoke designs for our collections of coffee and dining tables was at the forefront of our vision.

New Ravenna Creative Director, Cean Irminger
New Ravenna Headquarters in Exmore, Virginia

To celebrate the partnership, we set out to design a bespoke mosaic table to complement our Richmond, VA showroom. As we embarked on this design journey with New Ravenna, Will had just recently returned from a visit to the Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, where he was struck by the intricate mosaic patterns in muted, earthy tones. With this inspiration in mind, images were collected, drawings were brought to life and stones were chosen in an attempt to capture the memory of his visit. We incorporated meandering vines with olive leaves and fruit, surrounded by a patterned border, and chose to tumble the stone to emulate the look of an ancient mosaic. We intentionally built negative space into the center of the table, leaving room to place a vessel or antiquity without interrupting the design. The table became a tangible expression of the experience, as translated by the artists and craftspeople at New Ravenna and McKinnon and Harris.

Villa Kerylos, France
McKinnon and Harris Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia

Founded within a year of one another, both Virginia-based brands have devoted a combined 60 years to hand-crafting products using traditional techniques. The opportunity to merge their workshops and collaborate on unique, functional works of art was irresistible. The custom tables are the manifestation of what is hoped to be a long and fruitful partnership, and an opportunity for designers and collectors to manifest their own personal memories and dreams in enduring stone.

The tables in this special collaboration can be purchased through any McKinnon and Harris showroom.

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